love is gold….

It’s been a while. ^^

Last night I was at a wedding…..a 50th golden wedding anniversary. My buddy’s parents renewed their vows and it really felt good to see couples like them who survived the tests of time.

“What’s your secret?”, the priest asked. “I just take it easy Father”, the husband said. “Does that mean you just let your wife do the talking and talking all the way when you fight?” the priest joked. “Could be Father”, the husband  answered. The priest turning to the wife…..”So your beloved husband just do the ‘giving and giving’ while you just ‘take and take’ haha!”  The wife lovingly said “my husband is a good provider…..he is very supportive to his family, to me and my children and even to his grandchilren…..and I am supportive of him as well”….” So you have  a give and take relationship right?”…..”Actually Father,” the wife said ,”we’ve been fooling each other for the past 50 yrs. “…..”I know”, the priest  replied…”Or  else you won’t “get tired” of each other for soooo many years haha!”  But then No, the priest suddenly became so serious….”this is for real now….I’ve been a priest for so many years and as far as I remember I’ve only had  officiated 5 golden wedding anniversaries….so I am really proud of you…you’ve made it this far”

It’s because they never get tired of each other….we do fall out of love with other things….but never with the ones we truly love….so happy anniversary….to our golden couple….Love, unselfish love is the key to a long and lasting marriage….

Our golden couple’s advice to our young couples out there….Never get tired of your partner….love him or her unselfishly… supportive of each other. Face life together with a smile, with hope, with LOVE….


my first love…

This morning I was able to plant some euphorbias on some small pots in our mini- garden(since our garden is just “mini” might as well use “small” pots^^)…We used to have a bigger space to plant trees and herbs but now we only have a very limited space….And I truly miss gardening….It was actually my first love…..I remember the time when I was really consumed in doing this activity that I won’t mind not eating the whole day and the next day I got sick:)…..Ofcourse now I won’t do that anymore^_~”Bawal magkasakit!!!!”(Avoid getting sick because it costs too much being in the hospital nowadays)….Whatever we do it’s better that we do them in moderation….although when we were younger we don’t mind right?…but when we get older we do mind:)…..

.I got a picture of a euphorbia on google images and I wanna share it with you^^(although I know you are already familiar with them esp. us Pinoys yet I just find the picture so attractive:)…..and also I translated a poem of “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer in Tagalog….

Mga Punungkahoy

Makakakita pa kaya ako
ng ‘sang tulang ‘singganda ng puno…
“Sang punong ang mga uhaw na ugat,
sa tamis na daloy ng tubig ay nakayakap…..

Puno na sa Diyos ay tumitingin
at itinataas ang mga dahon sa pananalangin,
Puno na kung sa tag-araw
ay napapalibutan ng mga ibong, wari’y umaapaw….

Sa kanyang sinapupuna’y lamig ay nahimlay,
binahaginan pa ng ulang walang humpay….
Mga tula’y nakakaya ng ‘sang tulad kong dukha
ngunit Diyos lamang, ang sa puno’y makagagawa….

Lovely trees


by: Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)

    • THINK that I shall never see
      A poem lovely as a tree.
      A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
      Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;
      A tree that looks at God all day,
      And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
      A tree that may in Summer wear
      A nest of robins in her hair;
      Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
      Who intimately lives with rain.
      Poems are made by fools like me,
      But only God can make a tree.

Blessed Month…

December is a busy month yet it seems like everything just comes so smoothly during this particular month…..Like every Filipino would get excited about the coming celebrations it offers and everyone learns to offer a gift with one another…..although my real wish for us would be to become humble like what Jesus had shown us from the time of His birth and until now….We should be humble enough in asking blessings from God and in giving what we have to others….We should be thankful to all the gifts God has given us….Be thankful on what we have now and do not ask for too much….and share to others the blessings He has given us….



Happiness is deep….

I had a nice chat today with my young friend from Vietnam….She is just so adorable….I hope one day I could meet her in person…..

Today I just stayed home and did some paper works….I still feel a little sad of what happened yesterday….but this will pass I know^^…..

The start of this school year has been a great challenge for me I guess when I got sick…and now just yesterday I lost some of my important documents T_T….but on the other hand I had received lots of blessings after those incidents….Just talking to my friend makes me feel so blessed already….

It’s true for every disappointment we have there will be happiness that will come our way^^….They say sadness is much more deeply felt than happiness….when it hits us we aren’t able to easily recover from it…..and also it could be like we have felt more sadness in our lives than happiness….but now I guess happiness could be as much as deeply felt as sadness…..If you think of the happier times you’ve had then it will be easier to overcome some disappointments…. In a way there should always be a part in your mind and in your heart that tells you that everything that is happening to you whether good or bad has a big big purpose in your life….to make you a better person in the end^^……

Let’s Be Happy…

Oh my….what do we really need to make us happy?….Probably we knew already what could make us happy….but how come there are still so many lonely people in the world…

Yes….maybe a few of us knew but most of us don’t …..We don’t really seek for true happiness…..Why?…. because we are unnatural….We seek for artificial happiness, not those which are lasting…..That is why in the end we lose….how can you win when all you do is do whatever you want even if it isn’t right….Yes….maybe you can deceive others but not yourself…..It is us who create our own unhappiness….by embracing those which are not pleasing to God….

So make ways to accept God’s will….How can we be so stubborn….just because we are so secured…..Right now seek for true happiness…..Let’s add more happy people in the world^^

Making People Happy

Rain_and_min_ah_big_and_cuteThis simple picture was given to me by a friend who I love so much. My friend is just fourteen years old yet she knows how to make other people happy.

What are the things that make us happy?

Simple things like saying , how are you?..have a great day!..good morning!..I’m sorry..are just some of the simple things in life that we appreciate.

Little things such as those mentioned become great because they make us simply happy. True happiness can only be achieved by true love and by simple things.

True Love

Hello my friends..Valentine’s day is over..The day when all of us felt so special by the people around us..

Some of us felt the love we longed for but some of us did not..Some of us were heartbroken but some were lucky in love..

My friends, do we really know how to love?..Are the flowers or chocolates enough to please our loved ones? What kind of love do we really need?

What we need is true love..A love that gives more than it receives..Although at times when we love we expect others to love us as well..If you have not understood what true love is, you will always expect others to love you in return and you will have lots of frustrations in life..

My friends..Love is not is kind and gives more than it receives..That’s the love that we truly need..