Four days ago we celebrated Christmas and it was truly a “Merry” Christmas to us Filipinos and to our beloved brothers and sisters all over the world. We are a people who love to celebrate Christmas just like other nations as well. We would do our best to celebrate it regardless of our status in life. God must have been delighted about it. He was able to unite us on a very special day.

Yes, admit or not, we all want others to remember us at least even on our “special” day. I’ve never known a man who hated the feeling of being cared or loved. Even a sinner who feels he isn’t loved would be glad if on his natal day or in his most cherished ocassion he would be remembered. Yes, even a sinner would be delighted…….just to be remembered…….just to be remembered…….

Crossroads?…….but there are crossroads…..

Since birth Jesus had taken the right path for us to follow…..but others were stucked on the wrong road. The path that is steep and painful as was described by a German writer. Or maybe much more than that. A road that is painful for you would be left behind, neglected, condemned,…… completely forgotten……..but it should not be…….

The loneliest people in the world are those who have chosen the wrong road and still are stucked on it. They need to be saved. They need our compassion,…..our LOVE….. …Think of them my friends…….let us remember them as God wants us to do so…….


Like Butterflies

Seven years ago, I met a young man who I believed had shared a “little” of his life with me. A part which was “little” but was “much” in some ways.

Our meeting was actually not planned as other meetings should be but somehow it had its beginning and somewhere had its finality.

During that time that he was desperately looking for someone he could talk to, luckily I may say, he caught up with me and I became his short-lived confidante.

That short- lived moment when we talked was like seven years to me. At first I was taken aback by his straightforwardness but as we went on, I wasn’t surprised anymore.

He tried to control himself…but I heard him over the phone crying softly but continuously…I am not used to seeing or hearing a man cry like that. I thought I was dreaming but it was true. I felt his grief…But then I had to say goodbye while still trying to console him. I told him to call me if ever he will need a friend again but he did not do so. I know he won’t coz those tears were enough for him and for me…I know he had been healed…

Two days ago, I met another man who had the same problems as the young man I met seven years ago. But this time the man seemed more desperate, more in grief than the young man who cried. I guess it will take time, a much longer time for him to heal his wounds. His suffering was much deeper to be easily forgotten…

As a teacher I’ve met a lot of young people who are in great pain. We had tried to heal some of their grief but there are still so many of them which we can’t find the perfect solutions with…

Seven years ago, it was much easier than two days ago…I guess there are more and more people who become desperate and sick as time goes by…

If we remain indifferent to our young people and their desperate cries……they will be like butterflies, though they may always be around, still they cannot soar and fly high and will suddenly and eventually just disappear from our sight…


A Painful Journey

My friends…thank you for allowing me to share my humble experiences…they may be simple but nevertheless they had helped me a lot to who I am now…So here is another story…another sad story I may say…please forgive me for sharing another sad story.. but I promise not to make this page an obituary section.
I think it was a month ago or so when another news on suicide had been flashed on major networks and newspapers in the Philippines.

The news was about a young 5th grader who hanged herself because of too much poverty and hunger she had experienced before her death…And worst it was found out that those were only some of the reasons why she killed herself for there were traces of sexual abuse revealed in her autopsy.

It isn’t surprising anymore to hear these kinds of stories in my country, however shameful they may be………the victms are always our poor children.

I do understand how poverty could kill a person’s hope to continue living in this world……..but for a young girl to kill herself because of poverty is something very painful…….and to be abused and to lose one’s hope is too much for a young girl to bear……..

My child,… my precious child….. you had turned my morning to a night…..


Don’t know how to start the day
Drink my coffee or comb my hair
Turn on the radio or switch to TV
This November morning is not so easy.

So thanks if you asked a favor
Find my self a newstand therefore
But sorry,”What’s The News” had been sold out!
Worry not many choices can be had.

On my way saw the first choice of the day
Happy faces greet the morning with their play
But there’s a child as I turn to my right
My November morning she had turned to a night.

She wanted to join those happy faces
But she could not they should meet the day’s graces
One November morning could not be spared
To a busy child who has got no choices.

……The world has enough for peoples needs but not enough for peoples greed…..Mother Theresa…….

An Unforgettable Journey

Hello again my dear readers….let’s be sentimental for a while… Why not talk about a little of my colorful past…..I wanna share this article I wrote when I was about to enter college…..

The Stranger That I Have Loved

It was a quiet afternoon…I was lying on the floor, eyes glued on our TV set … The movie was like I would describe it then as a “silent picture”. Although I wouldn’t understand any word from it, how i’d loved to see those movements, especially hers. There she was a beautiful woman with expressive eyes, whose expressive eyes had touched my heart…. And I told my self, at a very young age I had known when and how to feel fondness even to a stranger…. But like a little girl who had outgrown a toy, the fondness that she left from me suddenly vanished.

Years had passed, changes have come and gone. With sad and happy experiences I would say I had matured much since that “quiet afternoon”. Life then it seems to me was more colorful, more dramatic, added to my own more matured attitude. And it must be true that life is like a ferris wheel coz I saw this stranger again…Seeing her again was more of a sad experience though… …….I couldn’t believe that this woman who had captured my heart in the past died in a drowning accident. The news was on TV and it was also there where I first loved her…. I remember some lines in the poem that I wrote for her…..

“What in the world did I know about her?
All I knew was she married twice her lover
And even though I was a young fourth grader
I knew then that love still lasts forever…

This woman after all was not just a stranger to me…She turned out to be a model, an inspiration, and most of all,…a friend….a friend who taught me how to love and be loved and all the things she fought for will always remain in my heart forever……..


A Sentimental Journey

Hello…I’ve opened my blog today and I’m so glad that finally I’ll have the chance to share my thoughts to all of you.

I’m enthusiastic as anyone who gets the chance to do this kind of assignment for it’s kind of a sentimental journey so to speak to be able to share one’s experiences in life.

First assignment would be my thoughts about being able to meet people from all walks of life and from other parts of the globe. And since we call this world just a ” small world”, let me start by mentioning my cute young friends by the names of Bill Excellent, a young pretty lass with cute dimples from Vietnam and Andy C. of ZR5 Asian News, a young intelligent Korean blogger, and Johnny Ong, a Malaysian blogger of Life’s Happenings. These three people have one thing in common… “kindness”.. which comes naturally in them….

I felt so blessed to have met such wonderful people…they taught me this very important lesson…it’s not a loss in your part to be able to share what you have to other people…and make them feel accepted and loved no matter who they are and where they came from…