truth and love

This morning there was a lecture given by Bishop Luis Tagle, a Filipino priest who spoke about the meaning of love and truth……He said as St. Paul had believed and we too must that love and truth should come together…..We always say we wanted the TRUTH to rule our lives but sometimes “truth” is given to us so brutally or violently….it is without love…..Bishop Tagle said sometimes people would use truth to blackmail other people…..Some of us would tell our deepest secrets or some truths about us to other people or our friends, and in time what do we get?….They will use the “truth” to blackmail us when we’re no longer friends, when they do not agree with us anymore,…..and that is not the “truth” that Jesus wants us to believe…..Even politicians use this “truth’ to blackmail their opponents on such election campaigns…. They do not tell the truth to correct some falsehood rather use the truth for their own advantage…..Which is why we should only focus on the TRUTH that Jesus wants us to believe…..It is TRUTH that goes with LOVE…..A truth that never blackmails…..A truth that is JUST…..A truth that rejoices with LOVE….


needing people

Everyday I ride on a jeepney or a tricycle…..(Looking like these below)…Ofcourse these are the means of transportation for a simple and poor person like me^^…..At times we get to ride with different types of people….old and young, rich or poor, the locals or even foreigners or tourists….Most of the foreigners would ride these public vehicles when they’re looking for a place new to them, asking the driver or the passengers to help them locate it….I think there’s no dull moment when we commute in a public transpo….You become observant to all the passengers who’ll be riding with you….it’s one way to pass the time I guess….You can even hear some stories from the passengers themselves ehem^^who were too open to discuss some of their private lives while riding on a jeepney….though at times people could be so loud and  just don’t know how to keep secrets and behave well in public…Although as for me I’m still able to learn some things in life when I commute and pass the time everyday by just hearing some stories of people from all walks of life….

Jeepneys and tricycles

rest your love on me awhile

Wow…I’m enjoying my time with the kids in school….I am so blessed to have such loving and wonderful pupils….Although at times as teachers we encounter some problems with regards to our work and with the pupils themselves, yet through it all we try to understand each other and learn to accept each other’s weaknesses….

It pays to be patient with them….If they did something wrong you have to talk to them in a nice way….and they will listen and thank you for trusting and believing in them….There are times when you see them cry when they’ve been hurt….Comfort them, be a sister, a friend, or a mother and wipe away the tears from their eyes….You do not even know how much you mean to them….and you really mean much to them more than you could imagine…and they would just give you their best smile because you had helped them ease the pain and hurt from those injured hearts of theirs….One thing I like about kids is they are sooo full of humility…..That is why as an adult already I was hoping I could be at least one of them when it comes to acquiring such an extraordinary trait that God hopes some of us adults must possess….but it takes an extraordinary heart as well to be able to possess such wonderful trait as humility….

Lastly I just would like to say…. “the best thing about being a teacher is to be able to enjoy the opportunity of becoming a parent to all the sweet ,loving kids this beautiful world has committed on me”….

a little hope can make us happy^^

I woke up really late this morning…Instead of the usual 4 to 5 am, I woke up at 6:15 already….I was really in a hurry, took a bath (for about 10 mins.), then decided to take my hot coffee in front of my pc (I still have 15 mins to rate for IRMD) ….ahhh the coffee was really hot (and I was in a hurry^^)….so okay putting the cup of hawt coffee close to my mouth and I can ‘t see…oh no I can’t see T_T…Why??? Because my eyeglasses became “foggy” hehe^^ I had to remove the”fog” from my eyeglasses…Remember the coffee was so hot (can we stop heat from evaporating^_~)….Sigh^^….that’s what happens when I wake up late in the mornings^^ Haha ,ako ang “reyna ng sablay”^^

At 10 to 7 I was on my way to school….carrying a big big bag of used clothing that I will give to some parents and pupils in school…..called on the parents to choose what would fit them and just leave behind those that they can’t use….But alas!, okay, they got all they wanted and immediately left, but they left me with something to remember hehe^^ ….I didn’t notice that a one year old child being carried by one of the parents was without pampers hehe….So yes hehe….Okay kids(my pupils) let’s just fix “this” okay?….Any volunteer?….No one volunteered….It was the first day of the class and everyone seems to have had a jet lag or something so ….(planning to clean it myself)…..”No no Maam! I’ll do it”^^, Bryan finally volunteered….

Felt like people would always complain about how unsatisfied they are of their own lives….inspite of the fact that they can have 3 meals a day and can have everything in life…..Still they’re not satisfied….whereas you see some of our poor neighbors lacking in everything….only trying to build a little self esteem for themselves…..

This holiday really got some of us feeling “high” or “low” or something…..Yet life for now is back to normal again….

What are you most excited about in 2010?

For our family, we’re looking forward to my younger sister’s marriage in January….and another addition in the family as my niece is carrying a child now….

For the school…a new building will be added to accommodate more students in the future….we’re thinking of putting up a small library as well….

For our city, I noticed that Angeles has improved a lot in terms of its economic growth….More and more shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants,and other business establishments  are now being opened….More roads, superhighways  are being built as well…I thought it was just “ningas kugon” when they tried to implement some rules in some of our public markets and  some traffic rules on our roads but I was wrong…..People are learning to cooperate  on the rules provided by our city officials…..So I was looking forward to more improvements in our city….As a teacher it’s my responsibility to help mold and discipline the kids  to become more responsible now and in the future for the city’s and the whole nation’s welfare…

For the nation, I’m looking forward to more heroes or unsung heroes I may say to be unleashed  as what Efren Penaflorida , a Filipino teacher, our CNN hero of the year of 2009 is hoping for….He is a good example for us…He served those who are in need despite of his being just a simple man….To those who were victims of violence, calamities, tragedies, diseases for the past years ….we’re praying for you not to lose hope….There’s always new hope not only this 2010 but for the coming years….I loved what Andrea Ivory (a breast cancer survivor and a nominee for CNN hero of the year 2009) said when she found out that she had breast cancer…..She did not ask God the famous “Why me?”….instead asked God “What for?”….willing to deal with her cancer with so much courage and hope….She did not lose faith in God….just like Efren Penaflorida … She’s given lots of hope for humanity too….