When Lights Go Out

There are times when we feel that our world has turned dark because of too much frustrations in life. What do you do when you’re in those kinds of situations?

I call those days as dark days or days when lights go out.

I learned from Fr. Benedict Groeschel of EWTN that some people who had tried committing suicide yet had survived it confessed to him that they had experienced an engulfing of their whole being by strong winds of darkness that had overtaken our fragile being. He said that the victims were not able to shield those “strong winds” that hit those confused and weak souls on that dark moment.

My friends, all of us could be victims of that “dark moment”. The key in overcoming the darkening of our well being is God Himself. Let us turn to Him during our dark days.

When Lights Go Out

Save your key

Find your way

I always do

In protecting you

Go back to sleep and don’t worry

You know I’m here, a Good Company…

Let’s celebrate You and me

Give me a hand like Mom and Daddy

I’m not going anywhere

Exit… exit…you won’t exist!

I’m planning to stay

And find my way,

Even when lights are out…

Here are some passages from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis

A true imitator of Jesus Christ is one who is willing to suffer, but who never makes others suffer, who receives, as coming from the hand of God, all spiritual and material trials and tribulations; who patiently bears all adversities which come from the justice of God and the injustice of men; who considers it as a misfortune not to suffer anything for God and for eternal salvation.


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