Work of God

This morning we had a silent retreat at a small chapel in my hometown…..It was actually my first time to visit the place and I was so blessed to have been there this day…..Sister Vicky our catechist was so generous enough to have us attend the said retreat which I think was just exclusively to those who have been members of the Opus Dei chapel…..Opus means Work and Dei means God…..So those who have been on Opus Dei have served the Father religiously…..I felt like I wasn’t meant to be on that place but Sister Vicky said everyone is welcome on Opus Dei chapel…..

As we reach the place we were asked to do confessions…..I know my co teacher had said that there will be confessions on the said retreat but I didn’t know that it will be done at the first hour of the retreat…..I wasn’t that prepared for a confession but Sister Vicky smiled at me and said…..Go… I did…..

It was a wonderful experience…..Three years ago was my last confession…..I was so thankful to Sister Vicky because she made me humble myself and made me go to confession again…..Yes I’m a selfish person and I apologize…..

Holiness is the aim of Opus Dei…..You don’t have to be a superhero, or a superman to be a saint…..You could be a holy man even if you are just a simple person…..You don’t have to be famous to be one…..God knows who we are and what we feel or how we feel…..Let us offer everything to Him…..We are loved by God… and me^^…..We could be holy in our own little ways…..


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