Fellowship and love….

We had a half day seminar in school…..We were in “ICU” because my boss got angry when some were not able to make it on time and some were not around…..They have reasons though for not making it…..so I guess our boss will understand in time^^……

Well it’s quite difficult at times to lead some teachers including me^^……coz we are already stubborn^^…..So if you want to become a school head you’ve got to have lots of patience^^in dealing with your subordinates or fellow  workers….

Well speaking on behalf of my fellow teachers we aren’t really that stubborn^^…..Our boss is just expecting much from us…..because she could really depend on us actually…..I know if ever there will be movements among schoolheads I know she will surely miss us^^…..and we will miss her too……for she has always wanted what’s best for us^^


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