Love that never gives up….

I was touched by a friend’s statement this morning when I read about how he felt when others are not feeling well…..Knowing there are still people who still feel bad when things don’t work well to other people would be just so inspiring…..

We live now in a world where people are confused because no one cares with what happens to other people…..We don’t even care of what other people would say about us…..Yes, everyone is doing this thing so I should do it too…..There’s nothing wrong with it……so you do something even if it is not right……What is good could not be differentiated from what is bad…..Instead we build clouds of confusion to people’s hearts that is why the world is getting smaller and we fail to see the goodness in our neighbor’s heart…..

We all have our ups and downs…..For now we are on top but tomorrow we might not be…..and vice versa…..but never never lose faith in loving our neighbor…..God said to love Him is to love our neighbor…..The only thing that we could do to love Him is to love our neighbor…..both should go together and this world will be a better place to live in…..


9 responses

  1. Nice post! very inspirational 🙂

    I pray for the propagation of this kind of life’s principle 🙂

    Well, I do hope that your being compassionate wouldn’t fade 🙂

  2. Being kind to others is so important because everyone matters in this world. I am a RN and care for the elderly community. I connect from my heart by singing and dancing out of the blue for them. i know I make a positive difference in their lives. If only I could show the world their precious faces with their beautiful big smiles that I receive back. It fills me up with so much love that I know they give me more than I give them. I feel so blessed to have known their beautiful souls before they pass over to the next phase of eternity for them.
    All it takes is a smile to make someones day. 😉

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