Listening from the heart….

I thought of writing something today but I forgot it^^…My friend Cecil had suggested that in order for me not to forget what I want to write I should keep a paper and a pen with me all the time so that whenever a good idea comes out I could jot down everything immediately…or maybe I should keep those ideas in my heart too…^^

Although, last Friday I wanted to share the homily given to us by our parish priest about knowing how to listen to others words of truth ….or listening from the heart….He said many of us could hear but we really don’t know how to listen….Listening from the heart would make you respect the other person he said….That way we will understand each other….Many of us rely mostly on what we know….we have too much pride….and we do not listen well….And when it happens we commit mistakes….and more often we could have avoided those mistakes if we just listened from the heart….

There were students who were present during the mass and somehow they understood the message well….So after the mass I noticed some students becoming more responsible when we had some discussions in the class… they listened from the heart….In a way when you convinced other people to know what is good for them somehow they would  believe though they may not easily show that you had convinced them….Probably if you want people to listen to you or believe in you….you should also respect and believe in them….Respect begets respect….

Listening from the heart therefore is important and equally important would be believing that others would believe in you….and they would definitely listen to you as long as you give them the truth….


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