A Young Girl’s Hope

015121_753718273_tjyjlwbk_3Last night while I was watching Philippine Idol ( Pinoy version of American Idol ), a young contestant had painfully moved not only my heart but of the judges hearts as well.

Not only that I praise her beautiful voice, I also admire her proven self-worth and that great hope within her.

She reminded me of a good friend way back in high school named Sophia. Her handicap did not stop her in pursuing her goals and dreams in life….just like…Sophia.

Sophia could see, unlike her, but she walked with the aid of braces in both of her legs. She had difficulty going up and down the stairs when we were studying. I became her friend and was always by her side whenever we transfer from one building to another, and when she goes home for a ride.

While thinking of her, I thought of the good things she had done to show that she is just as youthful, strong, reliable, dependable like us.

Lastly, one of the many unforgettable moments I had with her was when she volunteered to sing to the whole class(to actually save us from a certain punishment in one of our classes),despite her nervousness and her fear of being mocked, she wholeheartedly sang a meaningful song to us..”You Needed Me” by Anne Murray. Until now, I still remember how she fought the odds and sang with all her heart. We felt so ashamed of what she did for us after that. We could have volunteered in her place but we were cowards.

Now, I miss her so much…I miss her love, generosity, courage, and most of all..that great hope in her I am trying to have until now.


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