Love Makes Sense

OMG..I dreamed of Bae Yong Joon last night..You know this Korean actor? Oh must have been the result of my infatuation on everything that is Korean.

About this fascination, I really don’t know why..Well maybe because of what my friend Azure( who I really admire and like so much ) had said about synchronicity, and suddenly some things just crossed my mind ..Well he gave the right meaning to it and I have made my own explanations for it..Hope I make sense though.

One reason for my infatuation could be, like me, Koreans love using adverbs….. lovingly, hurriedly, passionately, Sollee( I ofcourse ), Dong Gun Lee, Mi Sook Lee, Hyori Lee, Young-Ae Lee……and all those Lee’s out there….And my friends think that I look like a Korean or maybe because my eyes had turned sleepy because of too much time spent in uploading Rain and Shin Min ah’s pictures, Korean songs etc., hehehe…

But kidding aside I know these things shall pass, like any other infatuation….but something really happened more importantly in between those browsing and uploading of Rain’s photos. I’m glad to have met people like Azure, Bill, Andy, Johnny Ong, Jean Chia, Nyte, NyteGoddess, Teamaster, Jo, Ronald Lee, Franx, and a lot more for they help me grow to a more mature individual that I am today..I love you my friends and you have a special place in my heart…
I saw this simple poem on myspace….

I wrote your name in a piece of paper,
but by accident I threw it away.

I wrote your name on my hand,
but it washed away,

I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves whispered it away,

I wrote your name in my heart ,
and forever it will stay……..


One response

  1. Oh you’re so infected with Hallu virus. Unfortunately, a cure for that is quite difficult to find. ^^;

    Thanks for commenting on one of my entries. I’m linking you to my blog and I hope you’ll like me too if you have time. ^^;

    Yeah, I hope the beauty of nature can overwrite my professor’s tragic experience.

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