Your True Friend


I’m a little bit bothered
Why do you like me?
With me you’re just dreaming
But still you wanted to sing

I had captured your heart
But then had ruined your life
I made you looked smart
Then made you act so stupid

Why?..Why?…you couldn’t escape
Your thoughts of me won’t fade
I guess you should forget me
Coz now I’ve made you crazy!

Don’t use me…. forget me!
I’ve killed your friends and family
Don’t bless me..curse me!
I’m not your friend. but your ENEMY

Today I had my thoughts on one of man’s worst enemy….. illegal drugs…..Until now most of our youth are still embracing the use of them….. But I do believe that it’s never too late to change our ways..only if you choose your true FRIEND….Trust me my friends…God is our friend…Choose Him if you want to lead a peaceful life……forget the ENEMY….it’s never too late…it’s never too late….May God Bless Us All….


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