Understanding Love

Some people learn their lessons the hard way. Some learn theirs the easy way. When it came to love I learned my lessons the hard way.

It was painful..Really painful..The guy thought I wasn’t hurt but I was. But I’ve learned to forgive and forget.

When we parted ways I knew it was for the best. It really was for I’ve finally realized my mistakes, my foolishness, my selfishness.

I thought I knew how to love but no….I was in love with myself more than I love him. The guy knew it more than I did and so I had no idea that it was over….finally it was over…

Today both of us just laugh about what happened to both of us. We have learned to forgive and forget. I don’t think I can forget him. He made me learn lessons of what true love is.

Wherever you are…I wish you all the best…and I thank you for making me understand what love truly is…


4 responses

  1. Aww…I hope you can provide more details! haha. Chismoso!

    Anyhow, I tagged you. ^^; Check my blog and hope you can continue building International Linkages. ^^;

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