Opening of classes will be next month already in the Phils….Some students I know are excited to be back to school again…Even teachers are coz they they will be working again with young people who usually are fun to be with inspite of their being so aggressive and stubborn at times…but then they could also break their teachers’ hearts…

There were times when I was thinking of what if I had chosen another job instead of being a teacher coz at times kids could really make you lose your temper, but then when I think of my role as a teacher in molding the values of the youth, I would tell myself, that would be enough not to change my mind…Just think of dealing with many students with different personalities…,definitely,is not an easy task..There were even times when some students would open up to you and tell you all of their heartaches, and you try to help them, but then you get so frustrated coz some parents would not even bother to help their children solve their problems …I even had a student who once said to me ” I wanted to die already ” and cried in front of me…Who wouldn’t be crushed with that kind of a statement?…Then you talked to the parent and the answer you get was…” If you want to adopt my son then go…adopt him so that I won’t have problems anymore.”…I wanted to clean my ears to make sure what I heard was true…But that was what I heard…

I hope this coming shool year I won’t be hearing those haunting statements again…coz they really are so painful..really painful…


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