Four days ago we celebrated Christmas and it was truly a “Merry” Christmas to us Filipinos and to our beloved brothers and sisters all over the world. We are a people who love to celebrate Christmas just like other nations as well. We would do our best to celebrate it regardless of our status in life. God must have been delighted about it. He was able to unite us on a very special day.

Yes, admit or not, we all want others to remember us at least even on our “special” day. I’ve never known a man who hated the feeling of being cared or loved. Even a sinner who feels he isn’t loved would be glad if on his natal day or in his most cherished ocassion he would be remembered. Yes, even a sinner would be delighted…….just to be remembered…….just to be remembered…….

Crossroads?…….but there are crossroads…..

Since birth Jesus had taken the right path for us to follow…..but others were stucked on the wrong road. The path that is steep and painful as was described by a German writer. Or maybe much more than that. A road that is painful for you would be left behind, neglected, condemned,…… completely forgotten……..but it should not be…….

The loneliest people in the world are those who have chosen the wrong road and still are stucked on it. They need to be saved. They need our compassion,…..our LOVE….. …Think of them my friends…….let us remember them as God wants us to do so…….


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