Face of Christ

There was an old man who begs on the street yet I find some people so kind to him maybe because there’s an effort on his part to sing to those who pass by the street …At least we can consider him as an entertainer as well isn’t it?….Though I had wished that he could be singing somewhere in a  more convenient place rather than on a sidewalk….and that he has a family who takes care of him….

While we were passing by, the old man was trying to check his microphone because I think it has no battery anymore….He said “hello…hello” many times but it has no sound anymore…. And without losing hope he still sang probably his fave song in a much louder voice^^…..

Though he may have entertained people with his singing and maybe he felt that’s the only way for him to survive, still the sight of that man singing on the sidewalk haunts me in a way coz he reminds me of a father or a helpless grandfather who should be taken care of……That’s why I always say that every family should unite and take good care of each other…..

Whenever I see some helpless people that’s when I felt how blessed we have been…..Let’s not forget the people who exert effort despite the hardships they face in life…..Let’s follow Christ…..We’ve got to make our own sacrifices….exert more effort to unite our families and love our brothers and sisters…..Let’s wipe the blood and tears from Christ’ face so that there will be less helpless people on the streets who beg for our love and compassion…..and we will not be haunted by those suffering faces every now and then…..


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