Saturday is bonding time…..It’s so nice to belong to a big family coz when you get together it’s always like a reunion already….And what else could make the day complete….Of course the kids…..Oh the kids are noisy…but it’s just ok coz they usually are high pitched ^^…..but they surely make our day and our home brighter…..


We’ve had lots of bday celebrations last April and this month of May….and as always those who get so excited are those little kids we have at home…..So during my Mom’s bday we decided to buy balloons so that the kids will have something to spend their time with when the celebration gets to fit in with the old folks….Although my Mom gets her share of “fights” when those kids become “irritable” or noisy already, she was so happy to have the kids around on her bday coz the very first people who greeted her and gave her simple tokens were the kids^^…..My niece Ella even bought a simple hairpin and 3 pieces of snow beer(menthol candy^^) for her grandma….Those little things really mean so much to us…..


Nevertheless we manage to celebrate those special occasions with our love ones….I guess families should be like this always….whether it’s just a simple Saturday like this we should always find quality time with our love ones….even a simple meal and celebration will do….

 cj, ella, marjay


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