If I were a teacher…..

QoTD at vox.com….If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

Well it so happened that I am a teacher and there are plenty of topics to choose from and share in this world….Though maybe I would emphasize teaching the value of “being ready always” or promptness so that we could make things a lot easier for us when faced with difficult situations…..

Let’s say what do we do when we are caught off guard by some unexpected events or situations in our lives?….Even those simple things like preparing medicine when you travel, having a toilet paper or a tissue with you always so that when you might have that call of nature you are always” ever ready”….what if the restroom has no tissue….(btw we could keep some tissue in our pockets always etc.)….These simple preparations should be considered as well….

If you are a student or even a teacher it is a must that you are always prepared with the lessons inside the classroom…..Most of the smarter students we have know the value of being ready^^

In our spiritual life….we should always be prepared as well….coz we do not know what lies beneath the surface^^….

The sad fact too is that we love procrastinating….”Yeah…I still have more time…I’ll just do these tomorrow”.. until we are caught by surprise…..I know we should not always worry about the future but let’s try to be always ready to face challenges and difficult situations in our lives….


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