A heartfelt gratitude..

Oh how time flies so fast….It’s gonna be our summer vacation again by the end of March….The mood now in school is on accomplishing some school forms as the school year ends….What will be in store for us next school year?…I hope there will be some improvements in school and in all aspects of our lives for the teachers and students…

Last Friday we had a pre-valentine ball in school for our pupils….The younger kids really enjoyed their time dancing and singing….while the older pupils….oh…. though some were cooperative, others just focused on teasing each other and not on enjoying themselves that day….The teasing even caused them some misunderstanding…Some of them even refused to dance….too conscious about themselves….or is it because of some peer pressure or something…..I think the younger kids were just too innocent to feel such pressure as the older ones….But then as time went by the older ones decided to join the fun as well…..Ofcourse these kids really wanted to have fun too and who wouldn’t?…..Maybe we should be more patient in dealing with the young ones…..and the young ones will do the same to us^^

I had also received some letters from students on valentine’s day…Ofcourse they consider us teachers as their second parents….Some of the letters were so touching….even the one who is no longer attending his classes wrote to me….Perhaps it was the most touching of all…..I am just so flattered to receive those letters coz I knew I haven’t given the best of me to them…..I hope I could be a better person to deserve such love and care from them….and I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart….


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