[ChanMi’s star news] Sin Min-ah’s white wash denims

I just love Shin Min ah and I’ve been a great fan of hers. It’s been a while though that I got some articles/news about her and I miss the times that I would show photos of her in my blog. So I got this one from Hancinema.

Hoping for more success to Shin Min ah:)

Sin Min-ah is the number one female star to look good in denims! She is in the 2010 S/S season Calvin Klein Jean photoshoot. This concept is the signature modern sexy look with the sexy basic & “Jean & Jean” trend style.

She is glamorous in her body line and looks very sexy!

This basic style, she is wearing a denim body jean with black sleeveless look. White bleach looks great in her denim. “Body White wash” look is what it’s called.

Jean & Jean look is the matching that makes a woman look slimmer in her silhouette. Definitely, edgy and luxurious styling for females. We will be able to see Sin Min-ah in the W magazine’s May issue.



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