These past days I was thinking about those people who keep on coming to school just to share what they have to our children…..For the past years we have been blessed with so many gov’t and even non- governmental organizations who had given financial or moral support to our school children…..There were even those who just happen to visit the school only once yet had left something to remember for the kids….There are still so many good people on earth^^…..

Way back there was an old man who played Santa to our kids…..At first some of us even doubted his intention…..We do not even know the man and he offered his chocolates to all of us…..He even asked us to let him distribute the candies himself…..Yes, he wasn’t fake….the candies were fresh…..but still his intention to play Santa was doubted at first…..I just felt like no matter how good your intention is to help others or show goodness to them there are still people who would doubt and won’t easily believe those good intentions you might have….I remember someone who told me….”My father was a soldier…..He told me that I should always consider those people who I do not know yet as my enemy…..and always take extra care in my dealings with other people”….That’s how we look at other people at times isn’t it?….But the good intentions will never ever stop and will continue to pour in…..A retired principal came in a year later giving great books, maps, etc. to our school children…..Then the most giving of all is Sister Vicky….our catechist ….She is just so exceptional…..a living saint I guess…..She gives her heart to the kids… us…..She has a big big heart….She touches our hearts so that we could touch other people’s hearts as well…..That’s what makes her different from the rest……


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