Happy Birthday to a lovely woman Kristen Stewart!

Dear Kristen,

A young friend of mine actually had told me about this movie called Twilight but I never had the interest to watch it coz I’ve stopped watching hollywood movies for a while but then one day my family were all in the living room and I was too curious to know what was on the screen and so that started it all. The charisma you have is inspiring added to that amazing chemistry you have with Robert Pattinson. At that point in time I realized why my friend admired you so much coz I began to watch all of your individual interviews and those that you have with Robert Pattinson. Now I don’t ask myself anymore why lots of people young or old like or love you coz your fans mean so much to you, coz you care about them and you try to give your best in everything you do. With that may I give you my warmest greeting of A blessed and A Happy 22nd Birthday to you Ms. Kristen Stewart! You are loved and will always be loved!


P.S. and I love your smile:)