a funny moment in the middle of the night

My Mom and I always have fun together coz she’s just so cool and I love her for that:)

So, there were so many times that she had made me laugh and I guess that is the reason why it is always so nice to stay with her and enjoy her company…well I’m just cheap lol and little things mean a lot to me so I wanna share this with you…My Mom I guess who’s too old already needs to still adapt to this modern life we have as well…

So, we all know how cellphones nowadays have these kind of weird ringing tones which usually come from sounds of animals, humans, or things as glasses being broken,water being poured to a glass, the sound of bees buzzing , etc etc….So two nights ago in the middle of the night while we were sleeping Mom suddenly woke up from a sound and then she said “Sollee I can hear a cellphone maybe it’s yours answer it now coz it might be something important !”….Well blame it on modern technology lol! My Mom actually didn’t see me wake up to take a wee wee LMAO! So there you are haha I’m just cheap coz those little things mean a lot to me^^…

I just love my Mom’s attitude about life, love, and fun:)

Robsten having fun:)