good friends equals greater hopes

How time flies so fast and now we are almost done with September…A week from now it will be October which is quite a busy month for us students and teachers who are anticipating more seminars, encampments, press cons , school fairs, sports fest and others…Then we’ll also have our city Fiesta which is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of October…Not to forget our extra- curricular activities lol…fun times with family and friends…

And speaking of good times I wanted to dedicate this post  to two young Filipina who I happen to admire because of their extraordinary qualities…extraordinary in such a way that I see their courtesy to older people , the sincere love they have with their neighbors, the humility they exhibit in acknowledging things they still do not know but are willing to know, and the drive and hope they have to succeed in life…Thank you Nikki my lovely daughter and Rynee my young friend to the hope you’ve given on our young people… that truly our  youth deserve to be called ” the hope of our nation”…


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  1. No ma, Thank you! For being who you are and for encouraging me to go on with life. I love you, you know. You are a very kind woman. I love you so much and you mean the world to me. I admire you and I want to be like you someday, I want to be a mom like you someday. Very thoughtful and you’re always willing to listen to me. So thank you ma, for every single thing that you’ve done to me.. I love you so much 🙂

  2. Awwwwwwww thanks Nikki 🙂 I’m so blessed for God gave me the opportunity to be a Mom to you and you’ve been so good to me as well…May God bless you as you grow older and be a good Mom as well in the future…(I guess in 10 yrs you’ll be a great Mom too^_~) and I love you with all my heart Nikki:)

  3. So I’m gonna comment too, since Nikki commented already. hahaha! Sorry for grammatical errors because I’m frustrated with the language at the moment.
    Mam Sollee, Thanks po for the much needed ego boost. xD! I never really thought you think of me and Nikki that way since you know what we do in Twitter. xD! I’m also thankful because I’ve met you, you always listen to our random teenage woes and you also listen to our moments of pervyness, you always give good advices and is ALWAYS there when we need you. Salamat po talaga and I love you rin po. 🙂

  4. Another awwwwwwww! Thank you so much Rynee (and you write well in Uncle Sam’s language I tell you:)…Haha no you and Nikki have so much to offer and that’s why I had hoped that I had really listened to you!…Thank you also for taking the time to listen to my corny jokes and to whatever advices I’ve given you…Hope I had really given you good advices…just remember this…always trust in yourself but don’t forget God’s guidance in whatever you do and you’ll never go wrong…thanks Rynee 🙂 love you too 🙂

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