how people get to smile …

Hmmmm back at writing again…It’s been a month or so…I have a new set of students again to start the school year…As always I am obliged to serve them and guide them in their studies…be a good leader or a  teacher to them or be their most trusted friend as well…

I notice that I have some really really shy students this year than in the past year…What I mean is they really wouldn’t ask me questions and talk to me unless I open up first…which I find so odd since last year my set of students were completely different- so at ease or some of them maybe already even during the first week I may say so  and much more during the second week  of classes  …  but now there was this one who seems to be so aloof even when we were on our second week already…but then as days went by I notice that she isn’t really stiff as I thought so …I realized that she knows how to smile after all…Maybe at first she thought I couldn’t be a friend to her apart from being her teacher… but I made her realized that there is nothing to worry about being in my class… it really takes time to really get to know our students…Now she would get my hand before she leaves the room as a gesture of respect…and even would greet before she enters the room…but during the first week she wouldn’t even get my hand or even say goodbye to me when she leaves and or greet me when she comes…She is not the type of a person I guess who would easily trust someone..That’s what I notice about her…but once she got to know me  coz I always put an effort to smile at her even if she wouldn’t smile…that gesture from me I guess made a big difference…Now she talks to me in a very soft voice even if I wasn’t the first one who opens up…I am now getting her to trust me…Not only that I want to teach in my class I also wanted my students to trust me so that we could work harmoniously together in the  coming days and months to come…For two weeks I shared with them so many interesting stories of love, of  friendship, of caring…

In any organization one of our aims would be to be able to gain the trust of our co workers and even those we work with in that group or community…We all wanted to give respect with each other… and so to gain the respect of others we need to respect them as well…Respect begets respect…then trust will follow…


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