how we get by with help from our friends…

Yay back again!…There are so many funny, and ahhhh some crazy  happenings for the past week…We had to finish some paper works for our school culminating activities….but sadly we had to make some revisions in accomplishing some of our important documents in school…all we did was erase erase everything we’ve done already …ahhhh it was a crazy week I may say!  Why do we have to revise pertinent documents at the last minute?….Just hope next time it won’t be the same again…release some guidelines earlier as much as possible so we can avoid doing erasures at the last minute….

Speaking of fun times now and forget those crazy times for a while…my buddy and I met a teacher from another school in our town during the time we had to see a supervisor to help us accomplish our documents in school…The teacher we met was just so hospitable that everything that was annoying on  that day was suddenly changed into something worthy to remember …The hospitable teacher saved the day!

Yes… the reason why it’s sometimes hard to get by during the day is when we get to meet annoying ,stubborn, and proud people in our lives….It makes our work so hard to accomplish….but when some people understand what we really need to do and they have the same sentiments as we do then even a difficult work becomes easy for us to do….Some things and some people do inspire us but others don’t give a damn…

Now  speaking of Robsten, my good friend Nikki who I consider as my daughter too:) talked about R/K….Yes we both thank God for Robsten finding each other and loving each other …I told her it was rare to see couples like them in Hollywood…We should be proud of them and she agreed:)….We even talked about how Kristen’s ex- BF never gave Rob a chance to  be with him in a photo  or even shake Rob’s hand….We felt that was  arrogance on his part knowing as Kristen’s BF before he should have been hospitable in meeting his GF’s co-star at that time….but sad to say he gripped her so tightly and so he lost her in the end…Ahhhh so much with the past !!!…What’s important right now is that our Robsten are together and happy…. Generosity and hospitality are great qualities that we must possess…If only we people are sensitive to the needs of others we can survive whatever will come our way even the difficult times…


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