when love grows, the future looks brighter!

A great day to those who’ll happen to visit this site!  The past week had been a difficult time for me in a way because I had a week of an on and off fever….but now I am beginning to recover somehow…thank God:)

These past days I’ve been wanting to write a lengthy article on Robsten….I wanted to talk about Robsten’s “metamorphosis of love” but i just don’t know how to do it lol…I’ve been visiting some Robsten sites and reading some good stuff about them so that I could get some ideas on their relationship coz I know so many people follow their love story….and I just realized how lucky Robsten are already because of the admiration they get from these supportive fans…I guess seeing these wonderful RK shippers put so much effort in sharing their thoughts on Robsten’s  love story makes me wanna just leave them the trust in celebrating this sincere and growing love they witnessed from Robsten…

I guess a lot of people nowadays young and old alike are fed up on hearing news on separations, break ups, couples with multiple and illicit relationships etc. etc. ….They wanted something that would last, that is sincere and true….and they could see it in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart….I guess the future looks so bright for Robsten….Let’s continue to support them in a way that we let their love grow gradually and mature in the nicest way it could….I wanna witness an “awesome metamorphosis of love” in Robsten…


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