the One up there saves the day!

I really really had a bad dream last night!!!!…God I thought it was real and so glad to realize that it was just a dream…There was a big  big fire as like a towering inferno!!!!It wss really sooo frightening…Then I woke up and prayed hard to the One up there because sometimes I feel like there were some messages that God might be trying to tell me in some of my dreams whether they’re scary or not…I remember that  there was this I would call unfortunate  event that had happened in the past and I dreamed of it before it happened…or probably it was just coincidence?….Although the places, the people who were in that particular dream were different from those that got affected from the tragedy…..But the same sullen, shock, blank faces appeared in my dream….I am not the type of a person who would take dreams esp. bad dreams too seriously but because of that experience I had when I saw for real those shock and blank stares that I thought I would only see in my dream, now, everytime I would have a bad dream I would pray so hard so that those sad sad things won’t happen…Yes, probably God is telling me to pray hard for myself and for others….There are lots of people who are still in the midst of suffering , probably they have some social problems not yet resolved by their own countries, who are involved in wars, in poverty, etc. etc. … All of us should  give hope to those who suffer, to those who are hopeless….We should always stay positive as much as possible…and I would tell myself only God knows what will happen to us, to all of us ….that prayers could give us hope and could change anything even those things that we might think are fated….God tells us to have faith in Him….and He is our Savior so we must put ourselves in His love and trust Him with all our heart and we will be safe always…..


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