I Heart You

Glad I’m back! So many things had happened, at home and in school, everywhere^^. As always I was learning each day. There are so many good things to learn each day.We could learn from each other.

As a teacher it has been a struggle for me to have this important virtue which is  “patience”.  If I’m not patient enough inside the classroom where most of my time is spent I would have find another job to do!  So as much as possible I keep my cool in every “temptations” I encounter. Yes, not only in school that I get to be tested with my patience  but also in other situations like “when waiting for a turn to come” in the grocery store, in a restaurant,  etc. etc. Once there was a traffic jam that might have taken too long before its normal flow got back in order again, yet fortunately those who were involved in the traffic jam managed to give way to the other commuters unselfishly. At that time I said to myself “probably on that very moment all the owners of those vehicles possess this value of “patience” or they’re like angels that God had sent on earth.

And speaking of angels, I heart two amazing and talented actors and lovebirds named Robsten or Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart:) The reason why I like them is because they love their fans and show gratitude to them and they are so beautiful inside and out and I don’t blame a lot of people for loving them. Here’s a photo of them at this LA convention for their movie Eclipse a few months ago. Hoping for more success for this cute and loving couple.

In closing I would just like to say we all pass through some stages in life where we experience laughter, sadness, pain, love , anger yet through it all we learn from  those experiences.  So it’s so important to possess virtues of patience and love in everything we do. Have a big big heart.


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