let’s do something for mother earth…

In less than half an hour we’ll be celebrating Earth Hour…Yes we must save energy for the sake of our planet…We must save Mother Earth…In our own country we are experiencing El Nino….We can see the economic, social, environmental effects of El Nino… Some would suffer from heat strokes and other health problems, damage to agriculture and food shortages, unemployment, domestic water shortages, even fish kills are hitting us and a lot more…. This must be the reason too why there are so many vehicular accidents nowadays….Drivers are becoming impatient, irritable because of the hot weather….Yes, we almost had an accident this afternoon and I blame it on the weather somehow…..It is the heat that had made the drivers irritable….and I pity the drivers who would be on the road everyday and would have to stand the heat for so many hours….and yet the weather in turn  if she could only speak would probably tell us….Well you don’t have to blame me….you must do something in order to save our planet from experiencing climate change or global warming and other environmental problems……


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