Remembering Mrs. Dorado…

Some old students of mine would visit me in school every now and then…. It’s somehow “nakakataba ng puso”or heartwarming….. I regret the time when I was just a student and I never had the chance to visit my former teachers….It was really “bad of me”I guess….but ofcourse I always thought of my former teachers then as my second parents….who had taught me a lot of things, like my whole being was formed from all the variety of things I learned from them, mentally, emotionally, spiritually….

I won’t forget Mrs. Dorado my teacher in Grade 1….coz she was my teacher in Grade 2 as well….She was able to follow my improvement for 2 years….She was also the one who took me in after being rejected^^from a former teacher when I was just starting out in school^^(although I think that I deserved to be rejected^_~) ….That’s how it feels when you are accepted for what you are, even learning the most difficult things in life becomes easier when people believe in you….at that age I was just around six to seven years old yet I knew how it feels to be loved and be accepted already…..

I’d like to believe also that I had somehow built self confidence in my students just like the late Mrs. Dorado….Things become a lot easier to all of us no matter what undertakings we have in life if we let other people and our own students believe in themselves….


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