Acts of Kindness

They say you can give gifts to others all year long….So here are some of them that you could share with others…All it takes is for you to be more caring and loving….and you could really make a difference and be a better person….with these acts:

1. Smile

2. Be optimistic

3. Explain patiently

4. Keep a confidence

5. Share an experience and offer hopefulness

6.  Say “thank you”

7.  Provide a shoulder to lean on

8.  Tell the truth, but with kindness and tact. Ask, “Does the other person really need to hear this?”

9.  Look for something beautiful in one person everyday

10. Never miss an opportunity to love others

From Hanoch and Meladee McCarty
Excerpted from Acts of Kindness
“101 Gifts to Give All Year Long”

By leoschild

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