My inspiration…LOVE

When I was in sixth grade, that was a long long time ago^^, I remember that we were given some pocket bibles from missionaries upon our graduation day….and one of the missionaries told us to read the bible during our summer vacation and I did…. I had the chance to read about love on Corinthians and ofcourse never really understood what love is at that time and all I can do is just tell everyone when asked to define love that love is not selfish…..As I grew older it meant more aside from that it is being unselfish…..It has guided me in my everyday life as a source of inspiration…..having love inside you will humble you as well…..You will be inspired to see the goodness of your neighbor and learn to respect and accept him, and trust him that he could be good as well, that he has the capacity to respect and accept other people as well…..Love will make you see that the other person is inspired by love or could be inspired by love or could be capable of  spreading love…..I read about this that a person no matter how bad he is still somewhere inside that tough heart of his, there is love even if he denies it in himself…..deep inside of him yes he has love….He  just needed someone to make him  realize that he has  it…. The missionaries had somehow helped me through the years to keep my faith in love…..


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