Love is Deep

Valentine’s day is one of the best holidays we have….Love is in the air as they say….I feel so happy just to see people giving each other some flowers, valentine cards, or chocolates etc….And when I see lovers being so sweet with each….I feel so “kilig” for them^^….and sometimes I would say “sigh” ehem^^ coz until now I’m still single^^yet I feel so happy seeing them…the thought that each person would sacrifice for their love ones would be so endearing to see, coz for me love has a deeper meaning and it’s not just between husbands or wives or sweethearts…it has a deeper meaning which is beyond what we feel, know, or grasp….

Well to all the lovers out there “Happy Hearts Day to all of you^^” and to those who are feeling so sad or suffering at the moment….you are still blessed don’t forget….Love is deep more than you could ever imagine…..

And may I dedicate this song to all the lovers out there….A Tagalog song which I find so romantic…


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