truth and love

This morning there was a lecture given by Bishop Luis Tagle, a Filipino priest who spoke about the meaning of love and truth……He said as St. Paul had believed and we too must that love and truth should come together…..We always say we wanted the TRUTH to rule our lives but sometimes “truth” is given to us so brutally or violently….it is without love…..Bishop Tagle said sometimes people would use truth to blackmail other people…..Some of us would tell our deepest secrets or some truths about us to other people or our friends, and in time what do we get?….They will use the “truth” to blackmail us when we’re no longer friends, when they do not agree with us anymore,…..and that is not the “truth” that Jesus wants us to believe…..Even politicians use this “truth’ to blackmail their opponents on such election campaigns…. They do not tell the truth to correct some falsehood rather use the truth for their own advantage…..Which is why we should only focus on the TRUTH that Jesus wants us to believe…..It is TRUTH that goes with LOVE…..A truth that never blackmails…..A truth that is JUST…..A truth that rejoices with LOVE….


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