needing people

Everyday I ride on a jeepney or a tricycle…..(Looking like these below)…Ofcourse these are the means of transportation for a simple and poor person like me^^…..At times we get to ride with different types of people….old and young, rich or poor, the locals or even foreigners or tourists….Most of the foreigners would ride these public vehicles when they’re looking for a place new to them, asking the driver or the passengers to help them locate it….I think there’s no dull moment when we commute in a public transpo….You become observant to all the passengers who’ll be riding with you….it’s one way to pass the time I guess….You can even hear some stories from the passengers themselves ehem^^who were too open to discuss some of their private lives while riding on a jeepney….though at times people could be so loud and  just don’t know how to keep secrets and behave well in public…Although as for me I’m still able to learn some things in life when I commute and pass the time everyday by just hearing some stories of people from all walks of life….

Jeepneys and tricycles

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