rest your love on me awhile

Wow…I’m enjoying my time with the kids in school….I am so blessed to have such loving and wonderful pupils….Although at times as teachers we encounter some problems with regards to our work and with the pupils themselves, yet through it all we try to understand each other and learn to accept each other’s weaknesses….

It pays to be patient with them….If they did something wrong you have to talk to them in a nice way….and they will listen and thank you for trusting and believing in them….There are times when you see them cry when they’ve been hurt….Comfort them, be a sister, a friend, or a mother and wipe away the tears from their eyes….You do not even know how much you mean to them….and you really mean much to them more than you could imagine…and they would just give you their best smile because you had helped them ease the pain and hurt from those injured hearts of theirs….One thing I like about kids is they are sooo full of humility…..That is why as an adult already I was hoping I could be at least one of them when it comes to acquiring such an extraordinary trait that God hopes some of us adults must possess….but it takes an extraordinary heart as well to be able to possess such wonderful trait as humility….

Lastly I just would like to say…. “the best thing about being a teacher is to be able to enjoy the opportunity of becoming a parent to all the sweet ,loving kids this beautiful world has committed on me”….


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