a little hope can make us happy^^

I woke up really late this morning…Instead of the usual 4 to 5 am, I woke up at 6:15 already….I was really in a hurry, took a bath (for about 10 mins.), then decided to take my hot coffee in front of my pc (I still have 15 mins to rate for IRMD) ….ahhh the coffee was really hot (and I was in a hurry^^)….so okay putting the cup of hawt coffee close to my mouth and I can ‘t see…oh no I can’t see T_T…Why??? Because my eyeglasses became “foggy” hehe^^ I had to remove the”fog” from my eyeglasses…Remember the coffee was so hot (can we stop heat from evaporating^_~)….Sigh^^….that’s what happens when I wake up late in the mornings^^ Haha ,ako ang “reyna ng sablay”^^

At 10 to 7 I was on my way to school….carrying a big big bag of used clothing that I will give to some parents and pupils in school…..called on the parents to choose what would fit them and just leave behind those that they can’t use….But alas!, okay, they got all they wanted and immediately left, but they left me with something to remember hehe^^ ….I didn’t notice that a one year old child being carried by one of the parents was without pampers hehe….So yes hehe….Okay kids(my pupils) let’s just fix “this” okay?….Any volunteer?….No one volunteered….It was the first day of the class and everyone seems to have had a jet lag or something so ….(planning to clean it myself)…..”No no Maam! I’ll do it”^^, Bryan finally volunteered….

Felt like people would always complain about how unsatisfied they are of their own lives….inspite of the fact that they can have 3 meals a day and can have everything in life…..Still they’re not satisfied….whereas you see some of our poor neighbors lacking in everything….only trying to build a little self esteem for themselves…..

This holiday really got some of us feeling “high” or “low” or something…..Yet life for now is back to normal again….


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