What are you most excited about in 2010?

For our family, we’re looking forward to my younger sister’s marriage in January….and another addition in the family as my niece is carrying a child now….

For the school…a new building will be added to accommodate more students in the future….we’re thinking of putting up a small library as well….

For our city, I noticed that Angeles has improved a lot in terms of its economic growth….More and more shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants,and other business establishments  are now being opened….More roads, superhighways  are being built as well…I thought it was just “ningas kugon” when they tried to implement some rules in some of our public markets and  some traffic rules on our roads but I was wrong…..People are learning to cooperate  on the rules provided by our city officials…..So I was looking forward to more improvements in our city….As a teacher it’s my responsibility to help mold and discipline the kids  to become more responsible now and in the future for the city’s and the whole nation’s welfare…

For the nation, I’m looking forward to more heroes or unsung heroes I may say to be unleashed  as what Efren Penaflorida , a Filipino teacher, our CNN hero of the year of 2009 is hoping for….He is a good example for us…He served those who are in need despite of his being just a simple man….To those who were victims of violence, calamities, tragedies, diseases for the past years ….we’re praying for you not to lose hope….There’s always new hope not only this 2010 but for the coming years….I loved what Andrea Ivory (a breast cancer survivor and a nominee for CNN hero of the year 2009) said when she found out that she had breast cancer…..She did not ask God the famous “Why me?”….instead asked God “What for?”….willing to deal with her cancer with so much courage and hope….She did not lose faith in God….just like Efren Penaflorida … She’s given lots of hope for humanity too….


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