Bring out the best in the family…

Today is the Feast of the Holy Family for Catholics but it could be for all families in the whole world as well….We make God as the center of our lives and Mama Mary, Joseph, and Jesus as our Holy Family….We are trying hard to follow the Holy Family in terms of having loving, generous, supportive members in our own families….How can we be a true family?

The key is we the children must never, never disrespect our parents, no matter what….I see how children nowadays treat their parents inappropriately….Most of our shows on TV and in movies show children as rebels,corrupt, disobedient while parents are shown as unfit as well to handle their kids….Remember some songs of Eminem….a son blaming his parents for his misery….and so many other songs telling us how we hated our own immediate families… come we never asked ourselves, what can I do to my family instead of blaming parents or your siblings for all your failures….What have you done as member in a family to save it?…. Have I been a good child myself…..If your parents failed to show love within your family, you have to make a difference instead….Show them how much you care for them by being a good daughter or a son… bring out the best in your family……You may never know you’ll be the miracle that your parents are looking for….

Another big family that we should consider is “us” the whole community….including neighbors, friends, relatives, co workers etc….We must also include in our family the environment itself (animals and plants) that we should love, protect, and respect as well….

Remember my friends…..”We are all part of God’s family”…


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