I love Mother Angelica

Read this one from Philippine Daily Inquirer…..

Papal award for Mother Angelica
By Lilia Borlongan-Alvarez
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:13:00 12/04/2009

Filed Under: Television, Religions, Awards and Prizes

, Philippines — If you don’t have the time to attend an Advent or Christmas retreat, tune in to reruns of “Mother Angelica Live Classics” on EWTN. They show the beloved nun in feisty fighting form, back when she was younger and slimmer. Others show her in her 70s, sitting on a chair and talking to a live audience at the EWTN studio.

Mother Angelica used her wit and self-deprecating humor to point out the seriousness of the themes she tackled. She often took her audience on a journey of self-reawakening by asking them her trademark quip: “Have you ever thought about that?”

Without a doubt, she has contributed immensely to the true essence of evangelization. For many years, the Catholic press had been merely scratching the surface, due to limited funding or indifference.

Substantial inroads

But, EWTN has since made substantial inroads on this regard. The network revolutionized the concept of Catholic broadcasting and generated profound awareness for the indispensability of religion and the Church. Mother Angelica’s program and the network’s other shows brought many Catholics back to the fold, and inspired many non-Catholics to convert to the faith.

EWTN’s programming primarily targets the Catholic faithful. Its programs are intended to keep discussions lively and interesting by using simple props and visual effects. Its hosts and guests similarly exude a charismatic aura.

A contemplative nun, Mother Angelica, now 86, founded the world’s largest Catholic TV network in a garage of the Our Lady of Angels Monastery in Irondale, Alabama, in 1981. In 1999, she relocated the monastery to another town in Alabama, where she resides with her community of sisters known as the Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration.

Last October, she and Deacon R. William Steltemeier, chair of EWTN’s board of governors, were given the Cross of Honor, the highest accolade the Pope bestows upon the laity and religious. For their distinguished service to the Church, they were given the medal, officially known as Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, which literally means “For the Church and the Pope.”

EWTN President Michael Warsaw says that Pope Benedict XVI’s recognition of Mother Angelica and Steltemeier is a much-deserved honor. He enthuses, “It acknowledges the tremendous faith, hard work and sacrifices they made through the years in founding and building the network. Their recognition is a clear sign of the importance of the network’s mission for the Church and the Pope.”

I just love Mother Angelica and she deserves such recognition….


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