My God my strength…

I attended mass this morning and I’ve just reflected on some points shared by the priest….I just thought also of the relevance of the holy mass to us….Those points he shared to us are true….God only speaks the truth….We must carry our cross and follow Jesus….but more often we don’t want to carry burden in our lives…..even to sacrifice a bit….Most of us are selfish and only think of ourselves…..I still have a long way to go to be able to say that I’m truly faithful to God…..I still can see my weaknesses….until now I am weak…..I’m still trying hard to become a good Christian….

I can see now the value of a holy mass to me….It always serves as a reminder for me to have faith….to truly believe in Him…..God is asking us to remain faithful to Him through the holy mass…..Let’s rely on Him always….He will never ever forsake us….

Blue hills

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  1. I greatly enjoyed your post. Thank you for the inspiring verses. While most of us are selfish and only think of ourselves indeed, God makes the miracle in the Holy Mass- we go through the wonderful transformation here -The Holy Mass puts clearly that following Jesus and carrying His cross is not something we should to do , but the most desirable gift to us. We experience the greatest happiness by welcoming other and helping the weaker.

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