one fine day^^

I had a nice time today at our district’s sports fest…then my co -teachers and I went out to treat ourselves^^ for we had been working almost the whole day for the sports fest…

During our conversation I can’t help but notice how some would try to make good impression of themselves…So I had hoped for simplicity to rule in our conversations ….Thank God….I noticed also how some would try to humble themselves…. but others still  find it quite difficult ….so I guess  sometimes it’s better to keep quiet when you have nothing good to say anyway…

Then at the mall I saw my older sister’s classmate and had a short conversation with her….and it was fun seeing her again….and before that too, at the sports fest…I saw a childhood friend of another older sister of mine and was glad that she had not forgotten her^^she was also happy to see me at the district….There was like reminiscing of good times at the district today^^

What a day it has been!… I learned a lot about humility and the importance of showing honesty,simplicity,thoughtfulness,patience, love with other people^^

Water liliesWater lilies


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