a nice gesture

08spr_trees_01_h_slideshowThis afternoon at the mall my co teachers and I were entertained well by some kind hearted salesladies…..It was really nice to know that some simple gestures like a genuine smile, thoughtfulness, humility, patience, could make us feel so glad that there are still so many angels roaming around our planet….Those nice gestures came from the salesladies whom we met at the mall and we’re so lucky to have been served by them….May God bless these young ladies who I believed worked really hard for just some minimal compensation…yet I guess are truly blessed for they are richer in love, patience and humility… .


4 responses

  1. Hi! Your comment on my blog made it feel it’s still alive. How are you? ^_^ I’m working as a high school teacher now– AP Comparative Gov’t and Politics (grade 11) and World History (grade 8). Never thought it would be much tasking. But I’m enjoying it. How long have you been teaching?

  2. hi..so happy to see you again^^and glad that you have chosen those subjects coz i find them very interesting..good luck on your new job sir^^been teaching for 18 yrs. now^^ouch..i’m old already..but i still enjoy working as an educator..you should too..again enjoy being an educator coz as they say it’s a noble profession..^^

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