positive outlook…

The past week had been fruitful I may say^^In school the kids enjoyed working and studying. Kahit papaano may natututunan naman sila. My co-teachers continue to work well even if our school head is not around to attend some seminars etc. Our country on the other hand, somehow, got united again through Pres. Cory’s death. Life goes on as they say even though some of our most valued leaders will no longer be there to support us, to guide us. We should learn from them. Live by their examples. Let us continue to build a society that would make our ancestors proud of us. The Filipinos are worth living and dying for. How lucky the Philippines is if you will just count our blessings. First, we are the only predominantly Christian country in the whole of Asia. Second, we are rich with natural resources. Third, we have lots of educated leaders, great scientists, engineers etc. We’ve got what it takes to make it big as a nation. If only we knew what it takes to be great, that greatness starts within ourselves, with those little things we do, in our family, in our community. Respect our families and our neighbors. Respect the old people,our leaders, the priests, preachers, the church,and freedom. Let’s be fair with each other. Let’s be fair with the environment. Let’s not be blinded by our own interests and ambitions but work for the welfare of our nation.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River


The Coral Triangle


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  1. Apologize for my bad english, I over its a winsome piece of your writing. Well I have faced alot of difficulties in this term but your article resolution definately escape me in future. Hold responsible You

  2. Thank you for the kind words^^You’re not alone…I have faced a lot of difficulties too in this world…but I won’t give up no matter what..As long as there are people like you who believe in hope we can always make things a lot better for us^^

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