out of love

love is great


How do you read a newspaper? Well as for me I try to choose only what I need to read. Ofcourse there are some bad news and good news in a newspaper and we can’t help but to view the bad news as well yet I always look for the good news first before reading the bad news^^I just find it so unfair when people sensationalize the news and it’s always been that way.

I thought about this because I wonder why we love to criticize or ostracize people. Why do we never care about other people’s feelings just to make our news the best news in the world. Why do we always compete with one another. “Our nation is better than your nation. Our people are better than your people”. I just wonder why we can’t be fair with each other.

We all have our own hidden agenda. We don’t do things out of love instead we do things only for our selfish interests. That’s why we try to pull each other down instead of promoting what’s best for each other.

Love your neighbor as our Father says. Forget our hidden agenda. Do things out of love not out of selfishness.


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