Taking responsibility…

Been adjusting to our new management in school….also there are so many plans opened during our faculty meeting….Some may take effect by next year or some might materialize sooner coz I see our school head’s “seriousness” on those matters we discussed during the meeting….

At first I wasn’t sure if my boss knew the saying”first impressions last” coz during the turnover ceremony we waited for him to come at 2 pm. but he came to school almost 5pm already…..The reason was some of our superiors decided to put him on the last spot among those they endorsed as new school heads because he needed to attend to them and drive them as they visit schools for some turnover ceremonies….Our point is he was being abused for his kindness whereas he needed to attend to an important occasion…..The next day we were supposed to have our first faculty meeting at 1pm so we did not hold classes in the afternoon…..but he did not show up….his reason was a principal asked him to accompany her in an important event….So he called us to just resume our meeting the next day at 9am during class hours and we will just give our students somethings to work on while the meeting is in progress…..I had a feeling that our new boss still can’t give up some of his responsibilities while he was still a teacher….now that he is a school head already he should make some adjustments on how to deal with his subordinates and superiors as well….

So the next morning he came to school with some breakfast for us as some kind of a “bribe” I guess for he knew he needed to make up for those actions he had done lately…..and finally held our first faculty meeting…..It’s really quite difficult if you have a school head who isn’t focused yet on the things he needed to do…..if he has no direction the school will have no direction as well…..So I’m hoping for the new boss to be a better school head for the sake of our children and the school itself….


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