a real angel

One of the great actresses we have in the Philippines is Angel Locsin…..She has a wholesome image and a great personality as well…..She loves being a Filipino and because of that we are truly proud of her….I also love the way she handles herself in public….courteous, humble, and sincere….


Just recently she went to Mindanao (home of some Muslim rebels) regardless of fears of being kidnapped there just to help her kababayans who are suffering from poverty in that place…..She said there’s nothing to fear as long as we’re sincere in dealing with our kababayans whether you are a Christian or a Muslim……She said we are all Filipinos….We must learn to respect and love one another…..Angel has been a great endorser, an actress, yet for me her real influence comes from her sincerity and her being a true Filipino, a true kababayan…..She’s truly an angel in our eyes…..

Angel Locsin

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  1. when i saw her here, i really didn’t know her and i wasn’t starstrucked… but watching her show Only You made me like her… she’s really charming and i liked that she’s such a “cowboy”

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