deal with a smile^^



For the past three days I’ve been working on some school papers including some personal documents that I had lost three weeks ago…..Now I am almost done with them but there will be more to submit for the coming days….As we finished with the old reports new ones are on the way^^…..There’s no time to procrastinate I guess^^…..Well maybe proper time management will do…..


Tomorrow we’ll be rehearsing for my co-teacher’s 65th bday…..Oh she is just so groovy…..She wanted to see us do something really special for her on her bday…..This old lady really never gets old actually…..Always young at heart…..Hope I could be like her when I’m already 65^^…..


I just felt like in order to cope with the pressures that come our way everyday……let’s always wear smile on our faces…..You’ll find yourself becoming frustrated if you deal with your problems too seriuosly^^…..Be a softee… can’t tame your problems or others if you yourself is coming out too strong…..It’s like “a plant can stand still even in a soft soil”……it will just depend on how you nurture it….how you take care of it… a nice and caring manner…..


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