what we really need….

Oh so many things had happened these past few days…..I was like shocked on some of them…..First Ate Alice my co- teacher and our club president had announced that she will be leaving the service to work in Australia and even get married there by next year….It was really a surprise coz she has been a loyal member of the old maids’ society hehe^^….Next we have another co- worker Weng who is scheduled this year to go to the US to teach there….Ate Lau, Tita Ems, Tita Zen , Fridz all of them are working on their papers to leave the service…to leave the Philippines…..OMG….everybody is leaving!!!!….Then came Michael Jackson’s death…..OMG!!!…..Surprise! Surprise!…..Yes, life is full of surprises…..Nothing is permanent in this world…..People and things would come and go…..Like if someone would go today a new baby will be born tomorrow…..If I or my co -teachers would go, there would be others who would take our place…..

We move to other places to find ourselves…. and when we’re already tired God would tell us to just look into our hearts to see that what we’re searching for in a lifetime is just right there in our precious hearts….


2 responses

  1. someone asked me before if she’d be less of a filipino if she leaves the country to work abroad… i said she’ll help the country more since someone will take her place if she worked abroad and that will be one person less in the country’s unemployed population…

  2. that is so true..yet still hoping that someday our country would progress and there would be less problems on poverty as well as unemployment..kailan kaya ‘yon?

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