Elusive freedom…

It’s been two weeks now that we’ve had our classes…slowly the kids are adjusting on the pressures of school…and us teachers too^^….On Friday is our Independence Day…Until now I guess we still do not know how to respect other people’s rights….how to really protect our people from losing their dignity….to be responsible to the gift of freedom given to us….Look at what is happening to us…..to our poor women(victims of sex scandals) who lose their dignity for our own gratification….for our own interests and ambitions….To our poor kababayans who we treat as guinea pigs….better serve them well and stop doing “papogi points” just to show how much we care about them…..in order to win in the next election…..We’ve had enough of dirty politics….and manipulative shows….Do we really care of what is happening to our people?….Why do true freedom and justice remain elusive to us all these years?…..Are we going to wait for the time when our own children will be the ones to suffer from these crimes and immoralities that we commit?…..I’m hoping that we should stop fooling our own kababayans so that they could enjoy the rights and priveleges our own heroes have fought for them….


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